The Art of Atomhawk: Volume 2 – Review

This 180-page stunning showcase of Atomhawk’s astounding concept art was originally funded via Kickstarter. Whilst the first book was initially published by 3DTotal Publishing, they decided to switch to publishing this instalment themselves – and they didn’t disappoint.  The Art of Atomhawk Volume 2 sets apart the work that’s produced by the vast imagination and creativity of their skilled team and begins with a delightfully engaging introduction.  You immediately feel the intimacy and passion of the team, and how well they work together in a very productive, friendly and pleasant environment.

Unlike most other concept art books, The Art of Atomhawk Volume 2 speaks volumes in many ways, of the company’s journey from a small successful team of nine, to how it has grown and expanded in every way with each new project.  This book doesn’t just showcase their beautiful portfolio, it’s about the growth, achievements, dedication and passion for what they do.  And that is reflected in their artwork, as they have aspired to success and continue to take on new and interesting projects.

The artwork itself is absolutely remarkable, very detailed and polished. The artists utilise imagination, buildings and the area that surrounds them to create their work.  From the charmingly-gorgeous mixture of an abandoned urban jungle fused with the sheer beauty of overgrown nature in The Realm, to the haunting steampunk classic style you see in The Order, they brilliantly set the scene and capture the intensity of the atmosphere and character emotion exquisitely.

Throughout the book, the artwork continues to entertain and inspire.  With the variety of artwork there’s something for everyone, even the little sketches I use as reference to help me practise and improve my drawing skills. The book closes with some of the spectacular personal artwork of the team, which shows their own personal style and expertise.  Finishing off with some helpful and insightful tutorials from painting skin to the rendering process. Then wrapping up with a thank you to all the Kickstarter backers and sharing artwork of those that pledged to make this wonderfully inspiring book happen.

The Art of Atomhawk Volume 2 is a book I keep coming back to over and again.  I love it because each time I look at some of the vast, expansive and detailed fantasy and sci-fi landscapes, I always end up seeing something new that I hadn’t noticed before. I’m a big fan of online fantasy games, so I do really love the striking character design of Kings Road and the Mortal Kombat projects they worked on. This book is a must-have in the collection of any digital artist/enthusiast and I highly recommend it.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing the next installment of the Art of Atomhawk.

About Atomhawk Design: Atomhawk Design were founded in 2009 and are based in North East England.  Since then, the company has expanded and built a very professional and impressive reputation for creating a range of exceptional concept art for the game, film and online industry.  In addition to showcasing their impressive portfolio in two glorious volumes of The Art of Atomhawk, they have worked with some of the best entertainment companies in the business – including Warner Bros Games, Ubisoft and NetherRealm Studios.

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The Art of Atomhawk: Volume 2

The Art of Atomhawk Volume 2 features a diverse range of concept and marketing art from high profile projects such as Mortal Kombat, Project Spark, Injustice: Gods Among Us and J.K Rowling’s Pottermore. The images appear alongside insights into the thinking and influences behind the art work and digital painting tips from the Atomhawk artists.


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